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This white clay powder is rich in aluminum silicates and is a powerful oil and impurity absorbing ingredient. It is used as an active ingredient in numerous formulations like masks, creams, shampoos, face scrubs, and styling hair wax by personal care and pharmaceutical industries.

INCI Name- Kaolin Clay


  • Our kaolin clay is an excellent abrasive that makes your products like toothpaste and body scrubs work better.
  • If you have sensitive skin, then this mild and gentle exfoliator will be especially beneficial for you.
  • It works extremely well as a soothing agent and helps in reducing irritation and redness on your skin.
  • It has excellent oil-controlling properties that allow your skin to look fresh and hydrated 24×7.
  • Add our kaolin clay to your makeup formulation to make them stay longer.
  • When added to creams and lotions it reduces the density of your formulation giving it a better texture and fluffiness.


  • It works by absorbing excess oil and impurities present on your skin in dissolved or fine form.
  • It works by increasing the viscosity of the formulation and making it thick.
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