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Stearic acid is a waxy, colourless or white substance with a pleasant odour. This beneficial saturated fatty acid is the primary component of both cocoa and Shea butter. Stearic Acid aids in the hardening of items such as candles and soap bars. It is also found in cosmetics such as shaving foam, facial cleansers, body washes, shampoos, and laundry detergents, among other things.

  • It acts as a thickener in soap formulations, helping to solidify the formula into solids and eliminates the thin and watery sensation of watered-down soaps.
  • It increases the shelf life of your product.
  • Stearic acid acts to remove excess oil, perspiration, and filth from the skin and hair.
  • It enhances the end product’s conditioning characteristics while also acting as a preservative, allowing it to last longer.
  • Our stearic acid, when added to shampoo formulas, acts as a protective conditioner, leaving hair soft, light, and glossy.
  • When added to lotion compositions, it acts as a thickening agent, adding richness to the finished product’s texture.
  • It also acts as a hardener when added to candle formulations. The harder the wax, the longer the flame must work to melt it, resulting in a longer-lasting candle.
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